Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Queen today

For those of us with 'big girl' glasses the words are: I am the Queen of England, I like to sing and dance, and if you don't believe me, I'll bite you in the pants. Such sentiment, such pathos, such charm and beauty!!! It was my very first computer generated design waaaaay back...I haven't improved.

I just am not computer savvy. Some people get it, some don't. At my advanced years and declining interest I am starting to realize a lot of things just don't interest me so I'm not investing any of my remaining brain cells to worry about them.

I don't text well or often...don't text me cuz I just found out I have to pay for them...emergency's I will consider, but making sure I am on your list of 10 beautiful women, bff's or gods special chosen ones, just so you think you got a chance at the lottery is gonna put you on my list. And we all know what list that is!

The Queen does not:
do any thing with the word 'extreme' in the title
eat food from dumpsters or haute cuisine joints
enjoy rap (there I said it!)
understand anything on G4
play video games more complicated than bejeweled
think Dane Cook is funny

The Queen will always bitch and moan over any changes in any way up to and including tv schedules, format changes, product design and hours of operation. (omg, my local Post office closed at 4 and I dang near imploded).

Yup, I am my mother after YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. You sound just like me! LOL Except even after I did a google image search on Dane Cook, I can't recall ever hearing any of his comedy. And I know how to text, & at times preferred it, but currently have no cell phone. (And I find that I don't really mind!)

  2. Haha! You tell 'em! And I agree... Except about texting. That part can stay as far as I'm concerned ;)