Saturday, January 22, 2011

A message from Sophie and Lily

We is really tired to waitin to go do sumptin till it gets warmer...wot does big lady expect...its winter, there is sno...

its not like she has to go out in icy weather with sno up to her boobies and look for the best place to pee

and its not like she has to stomp around in the woods wit sno past her sholders looking for the poop she so carefully placed

she even has stuff on her feet...tho once she had some slippers on and when I pulled real hard they came off...oh we laffed and laffed at that

and can we help it if we love to chase sno...and eat sno...and run around in sno...especially at night...

man she can make some interestin noises when its dark and her robe comes untied...

we lub winter we lub sno and ice and runnin so fast our front ends circle our back ends...we lub it all

i hope someday big lady can learn to lub it to

but i don tink so

1 comment:

  1. ROFL.....girl you crack me up!!!

    Love ya!