Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my big-gas truck

After much searching and hair pulling we finally got our big-gas truck.

The next day gas prices increased to over $3 a gallon...sorry 'bout that

We got it because we live down a dirt road that is somehow uphill both ways. And as it is a private community the county does not plow the roads, or grade the roads or have anything to do with our roads whatsoever. We are on our own. So after being stuck far too many times spinning round in circles on a frozen driveway we bought our truck, Jerry-Jeff.

So now I am gradually learning how to drive the beast and trying not to watch the gas gage spin quickly towards the E. And so far I have learned a few things:

Being higher means better visibility for me but however does not translate to you. I am still invisible and can not find the switch to turn off the 'cloaking device'.

I am way to short to clean off the windows

Drive thru banking is now 'watch Ginya climb out the window and hang off the side to grab the canister'.

Shrubs of any size or age are now at my mercy.

Running boards just add another step to complicate my life and usually involve a drunken slip with my coffee in one hand, purse, mail and groceries in the other.

Mud flaps are a must.

I'm driving 55 till gas prices get better, you can go around me, tailgate me, flip me off, or kiss my lily white be-hind...my heart can't take another fill up.

Parking is at best an adventure at worse an accident waiting to happen. I suck at parking this beast, but I'll get better, I promise.

So if you are in my neck of the woods and see a big old truck being driven at a respectable speed with a little old lady sipping her coffee, drive around and wave...and look out when them prices come down cuz momma's got 4 wheel drive!

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  1. This is great, I laughed out loud at the shrub comment , so my husband looked and seen the pic of the truck and had to read it too lol