Thursday, January 6, 2011

ack...where have I been???

Forgive me people for I have not written in so long! I am not a writer and do not get a great deal of fulfillment by typing, retyping misspelling and constantly reviewing every word. I heard J.K. Rawlings say she would die if she didn't write, I think it would take something a bit more, oh...say concrete.

Over the holidays I have increased my frustration load in the form of one: Lily. She is another English Bulldog puppy with all that is included with that. Couple that with having a raging bladder infection over Christmas and you can understand why I haven't exactly been able to write (or cook, clean, sleep, or bathe). She is a handful. Standing out in my PJ's in the middle of the night watching a puppy pee is not the most uplifting experience one can have in the dead of winter. But, I think we have rounded a corner and are on a 2 hour pee schedule...someday I may actually be able to leave the house!

We also have semi-adopted a cat...not that I wanted or needed a cat, we have a cat who is already breaking every house rule, puking on the mail left on the table, sitting on my head while I sleep and knocking my medicine down the drain when not catered to...but Milo came to us one freezing night, and after a call to all the local neighbor kids we found out he belonged (belongs?) to the neighbors who left for Florida round about Thanksgiving...leaving Milo to 'fend for himself'. niiiiiice! So Milo is spending the winter here at the lodge.

Myself...I have been feverishly making (tho not especially selling) jewelry. And after the first full time year I can say that if I need to live on my earnings...I have to move to Asia. Not the cool part of Asia, but more like a back water, dust filled rice paddy place with no running water.

So, there I sit in my room filled to the brim with cat hair and bulldog farts, surrounded with bits and pieces of jewelry that is to be, waiting for inspiration to kick in...

It may be a while...please be patient!

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