Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cigar bands

I bought some cigar bands from a fellow Estian and made this pin...I like it! But what was interesting to me was when I got the bag in the mail and opened it up a beautiful whiff of cigars filled the room. That sent me hurteling back in time to being a kid on Sunday nights with my dad and grandpa sitting watching Bonanza, smoking their E.G. Dunns or if they were feeling extra special fancy...White Owls.

Its amazing how smells take up back to places.
First day of school: floor polish
Summer: Off insect repellant and suntan lotion
Pizza Joes: Real pizza crusts and Dr. Pepper
Grandpa Bames: Vicks vapo-rub
Fall: burning leaves
Dundee theater: burned popcorn and scorched paper bags

We all have them...scent memories that linger in the back of our minds only to be dragged up front and center when you catch a wiff of something familar.
Avon Calogne: Dad getting ready to go call Bingo
Moth balls: Mom's cedar chest
Aqu-net: Big sis getting ready for a date
Crayons: rainy days being bored

And you can never know when these scents are going to hit...standing in line at a store, walking in the mall, a subtle breeze in the window. Whenever the neighbors are BBQ'ing I am always transported to family reunions. Amazing.

So I hope we can all find some fond scent memory to transport us back...fabric softener, cologne, cooking...and enjoy a free trip back in time, if only for a moment.

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