Thursday, January 27, 2011

somewhere, out there...

This is some place in China that I went to for a rather interesting dinner. Well, every dinner in China was interesting, some more than others. This dinner consisted of the obligatory drinking game (that I normally avoided) some very good food and an entire evening not talking about work. It was cold and desolate and hauntingly beautiful.

Working over there was awesome. I saw some things I can never forget. I saw some things I wish I could forget. I ate a lot of food that seem unbelievable now and enjoyed myself as much as possible. I worked harder than I ever did for longer hours and under dubious conditions, and I would go back tomorrow if asked.

Working in another country makes you really appreciate what you got. It makes you long for the times when you can tell a joke, speak a little faster, stop repeating yourself and find the light switches.

You learn to appreciate CNN, MSNBC and the BBC. You also learn to bring your own toilet paper, make a meal out of instant oatmeal, cherish your aspirins, and always wear comfortable shoes.

You learn the true meaning of humidity.

You find out who your real friends are...I was there once over Easter and my girl Trena sent me some chocolate eggs!

I found out I can pee standing up! (I also found I have no natural balance!)

When you work overseas you find out there are class differences everywhere but nowhere as pronounced as on a US air plane. And if you think that I am kidding, try sneaking into the first class section and going to the restroom. Them little flight attendants can kick like a mule.

I miss traveling there, I miss working with people who really want to provide you with quality product. I miss the interactions with people and the inevitable culture collision that occur on a daily basis. I miss the tea poured from across the room into glasses filled with what looks like grass trimmings and cocoons, the sticky rice and even the ubiquitous pigs ears.

But mostly I miss the people.

Traveling for work may not be everyones cup of tea, but for me it was heaven. ANd a silent shout-out to all my friends overseas, enjoy a moon cake for me!

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