Friday, June 24, 2011

holidays...who knew??

So, today is take your dog to work day. Hmmm, every day is take your dog to work day for me, it would be a holiday for me not to have them farting and snoring for a day. But, lets celebrate with a new chew toy and some milk bones.

It also must be:

Creative Parking Day. Please enjoy this holiday by parking in odd angles blocking me in and making it impossible for me to put my groceries in my car.

Call and say nothing day. Extra points if you are not a computer.

Block the isle day. This is a regional holiday, celebrated only where ever I am shopping.

Amish Goodwill day.

Take the kids to stores they hate to go day. This holiday is only celebrated by people with children who have skipped their naps. Yes, please bring your twins to the expensive department store, they'll love it! And like Christmas eve and Christmas, this holiday has 2 parts. After the meltdown in the 'big people's store' please take them to any toy store 'just to look'.

Its also national 'guess the gas price day'...I love this holiday, as I use E85 and the prices are never posted till you get to the pump.

And last but not least, its McDonald's overflow day! Woo-hoo...this holiday brings out all the folks who go to Ron's Steakhouse and buy a cup of coffee and sit for the mornings. Thanks for standing around being pissy cuz you gotta wait for your third refill...

Happy Holidays to all y'all!

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