Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in blue moon I actually do something artsy-fartsy and am astonished how much satisfaction it brings.

Thousands of years ago, I was on track to be an art therapist...but finances and reality stopped that, so I became that lady at church who could design program covers.

Now my art is mostly on my walls. Every year I try to make Christmas cards, and on occasion I am actually hired to design something...but those projects have been devoured by graphic design software. Time marches on, and over dinosaurs like me.

So now I draw when the spirit moves me. I draw what I like..usually nothing especially artistic with any commentary...just stuff. Today, I designed a simple necklace with a set of eyes, drawn on a tiny slip of paper and mounted in a makeup tin. Funky, and kinda interesting, if I say so myself. I might post it tomorrow, I might keep it myself, who knows.

And I may even break out the pencils and start to draw full time again. That's the beauty of being marginally talented, not enough to matter, too much to ignore. Sorry if that sounds snarky, but its the way I feel. I wish I had the patience to work with the graphic software...I even took a class...spent the 2nd class making a heart, took me an hour. My brain was imploding with the thoughts of ...'or, I can get a pencil and paper and whip it out in like...10 seconds'.

So, once in a blue moon I will actually post drawings here or on my facebook page, not because they are especially artistic, but because its so satisfying.

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