Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Industrial Chic

I have learned so many new terms since starting to sell my creations on line. I thought I was just using existing things to make other things, but apparently I am 'going green'. Now, mostly when things go green that's a bad thing, but not in this application, I guess. If your fingernail should go green, that's not good, if your potatoes go green, that's bad, but in terms of jewelry, its a mighty fine idea.

I am also a Steampunk artist...who knew! Steamppunk, for those of us who have no idea is...well its sorta like...its when...OK, imagine Jules Vern had a rebellious 14 year old with an attitude problem. Yeah, I don't get it either, but I like it a lot!

I upcycle, which is not to say I don't recycle.

I do shabby chic, industrial chic, Gothic chic, Lolita, emo and other forms of chic...with the possible exception of chic. I have never been able to define that word but know it doesn't involve clock parts and hardware.

I repurpose, redesign, reuse, and refurbish.

I rescue the odd and broken and reuse the old and unloved. I scrounge, dig, delve, and discover things that other people pass by.

And in doing so I have met some cupcakes, enjoyed some trainwrecks, made a ton of mistakes as a nubie by calling out and breaking the tous...I have been muted and warned, been in some treasuries but never on the FP...and all in all, its been a lot of fun.

Profitable, not so much.

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