Sunday, June 5, 2011

tea for one

I do a lot of things by myself, shop, go to movies, go out to eat...alone. I never thought much about that till my mother in law told me she could never (add an involuntary shudder here) go to eat alone, ever.

Me, meh...maybe it comes from traveling so much for business. There is no one more lonely than a person in a strange country all alone. So if I didn't force myself to go, I would have been sitting in hotel rooms watching 30 year old britcoms and eating very bad room service.

And now there are certain things I have to do by myself...I will gladly go shopping with you, but if I need something...leave me alone. Movies, I would much rather go by myself so I don't have to drag anyone to a very bad but highly hyped comedy...(anyone remember the last movie Kelsey Gramer made...stunk on ice!) Plus I don't have to share my over salted popcorn or explain why Harry is suppose to be a great wizard but can't seem to fix his eyesight.

I don't love being alone, especially out here in the boondocks in the middle of winter...but I deal...I have to.

So maybe that's why people keep telling me I spend too much time on the makes me feel less alone. I know that someone is out there typing away, posting their own random thoughts and hoping to feel more a part of something.

We can all be together in our aloneness.

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