Monday, June 13, 2011

race week...sigh

I live very close to Michigan International Speedway and, god bless em' they do wonders for the local economy once a year. This weekend is a huge race, don't ask me which one, all I know is its a biggie.

Living near major sporting venues is not a load of laughs and I am glad this particular form of insanity is only a few times a year. I usually hide in the basement and hope I don't run out of any major necessity for the next 5 days.

You can usually tell when race week is heating up, first comes the giant campers 5th. wheels, RVs, and car haulers, all hauling ass down a 2 lane state highway. Next comes the campers, scalpers, food wagons, and flea market vender's. They park wherever they can making impromptu sales venues out of parking lots, turn offs and front lawns.

By Thursday, the 'professionals' are all here, and then the 2nd wave of commerce starts. The garage sales, bake sales, and camp fire wood sellers all make their claims. The locals who have finally sold everything not nailed down and can't bake, will offer their front lawn for parking and camping...even the local Churches get in on the act, and who can blame them...this is serious cash being tossed around.

Finally, my favorites show up...the 'got ticket' guys standing next to the 'I need tickets' guy. And because Michigan has a deposit law on canned soda, kids will erect plywood targets for people to toss their empty' ten cents a pop, that adds up.

There are about 10 miles of orange barrels and what seems like an entire battalion of state troopers directing traffic...god help the locals if you need to make a turn.

And finally, starting late Thursday night and continues till the race is over...the conga line of campers, bikers, and spectators. All spending hard earned cash on food, beer and toilet paper.

Last estimate, over a billion dollars of commerce in 3 days.

So, thank you all for coming to my part of the world, and thank you for generally being under control, disciplined and basically, I will not show you my tits so you can put down the sign, and please remember to wear your sun screen...

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