Tuesday, June 21, 2011

back from vaca

Just got back from a fun filled mini vacation to Gatlenburg, Tn. Interesting, tiring, awesome and exhausting. Here is some of what I learned on this trip:

No matter how much money you spend on activities, you kid will whine and say 'I never get to do nuttin'...this was exhibited on every street corner in town.

You can never have too many fudge, t-shirt, or henna tattoo shops.

Anything that should be spelled with a C but is spelled with a K will involve bacon grease, deep frier's, sweet tea and grits...extra points for wood carved black bears (pronounced BHarrrrrs)

While you CAN wear your PJ bottoms around town you probably shouldn't'.

No one can pull off the muscle shirt and baggy-butt pants look.

There is no one so lonely as the "Mysterious Mansion" guy at 9:00am

If they say 'intermittent thunderstorms' for the area, they actually mean torrential rain that will wipe out roads, bridges and cause rock slides...always have a plan B.

Just cuz they call you ma'am don't mean they are polite.

Taking a camera does not mean you will take pictures...leaving your camera home will insure sighting a black bear, famous country star or someone being 'pantsed' in the center of town.

While it may be 'country' down there, many of the shop owners are not admitting to which country

The Grandma who is the cashier at the local sex toy shop may actually be a Grandpa. (Yes, these seem to be replacing the time share guys)

Everything is uphill

Parking is non existent

Cute shoes kill

You can BBQ, deep fry or ride anything.

Vacations are for family fun, relaxing, sight seeing and general dinking around. We have turned them into marathon shopping sprees with the excuse to eat ice cream at 10:00 am.

I love it!

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