Monday, June 6, 2011

the bull starts here

Once in a while I find objects that are so interesting and beautiful I can see the finished product and know it will be wonderful...once in a great, great while.

Usually it involves finding something and deciding if it is usable, can it be fixed, and is it stable enough to work with. Sometimes things are hiding in other things. This 'Bull Durham" tobacco tag was in a blue mason jar stuffed with bits and bobs of someones junk drawer. Does it work as a pin???...I'd wear it, but I've been know to sport a gold smoking jacket and orange high tops, so I may not be the best judge.

And once the item is made, then the 'listing' process starts. If one is to listen to the 12 year old hipsters at Etsy, I am suppose to write some deep philosophical description about how this piece is a depiction of the destruction of mankind in a post apocalyptic world...

Yeah, its a paper tag on a poker chip.

At best, its a paper antique marketing tool on an antique gaming piece with design elements gleaned from the post modernest era.

My entire shop is:
recycled, up cycled, green, steam punk, industrial chic, retro funk and found objects reborn.

Or maybe just stuff piled on other stuff in interesting and pleasing ways.

Whatever it is, it keeps me occupied and off the streets.

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