Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy dance

Contrary to what my family may say, there are things that make me happy. And, having just spent a fun filled hour at Walmart trying to get the obviously challenged 'martian' to cut fabric for me without the commentary about people 'bothering him when he is thinking', its time for me to reflect on those happy thoughts.

Chocolate in any manner makes me happy...carob is not chocolate.
Coffee in any form makes me happy(with the possible exception of the coffee flavored corn flakes I saw yesterday).
Coffee and chocolate together, even the fakey kind like jamocha shakes, make me extremely happy.
Sales: clearance, estate, going out of business, garage and rummage...they all take me to the happy place.
Friend requests...I have no idea why but they make my day.
Antiques...especially weird ones.
60's music
nail polish
art supplies
Hammer Horror movies (I really miss the late night monster movies)
40's music...thank you satellite radio!
Bessie Smith, Empresses of the Blues
Snarky comments and really funny posts, emails and messages. (just be prepared to get as well as give)
Sherlock Holmes
Audio books

ahhhh, I feel better now...its almost like I never went to walmart at all.

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