Thursday, May 20, 2010

what I would rather do

One of my latest creations, made from a barrette, a button and an antique earring. Maybe it looks like I have just sat down with a pile of stuff and glues it together, (cuz that's what I did) but it involves a lot more...and its the 'more' that I would rather be doing.

I'm not much of a photographer, and my computer skills amount to me cussing a blue streak and then re-booting. I really felt sorry for my photoshop teacher as he was happily discussing vectors and I was still trying to turn on my computer. I don't want to junk my mind up with any more useless knowledge, thank you.

So when the world economy dictated I 'start my own business' (yeah, right) I had to get a camera and fire up the photoshop...took 6 months to post my first item. Its not what I want to do.

I want to sit happily in a room somewhere gluing weird items together in new and interesting ways. I want to wake up excited because the neighborhood church is having a rummage sale. I want to spend my days in antique malls and flea markets. Instead, I am promoting the shop and trying to figure out my next move...consignment stores, home parties, wholesale??? ugh.

I want to have people buy my lovely stuff and vindicate the life choice I have made...(or to put another my junking habit) I don't want to hammer people all day long...if my stuff were able to be mass produced, I would be hawking it to wholesalers, but its not...and frankly that would take the joy away too.

So, I divide my time in looking, making, promoting, and hoping...

And somewhere along the line I actually sell a piece or two and it makes it all worth while.

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