Monday, May 10, 2010


The essence of things unseen:

What exactly is Faith? For me it manifested in everyday activities like:

The guy that pulls out in front of me on a rain slicked road, he has faith my brakes, not so much.

That interesting smell coming from the restaurant is either cleaning liquid or the special of the day.

That the restaurant you love and always go to is going to be in business...(rip Grandma's Kitchen)

The toilet dispenser if full

It actually IS decaf

Paypal will work

Your hair isn't THAT bad

The pilot is well paid, content with is job and sober.

They will call back, they will...honest

Its all about faith. faith in our fellow man, business or Deity...and without faith we are hopeless...afraid to do anything and unpleasant to be around. I have that people will like what I do, create or faith is being tested pretty hard lately, but I also have faith that I can handle it.

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