Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My favorite word, friendship. I cherish my friends so much! They send me snarky emails and tolerate my constant begging to view my Etsy shop. They write me long letters and short tweets, they show up at funerals and parties...they come and dig rocks from my yard and dress up in funny costumes for no apparent reason...they get tattoos with me and never comment on my hair...(or weight or shoes or clothes or...)They may even be related to me.

Friends are the glue that holds your brains in place...they keep you sane and make you nuts at the same time, they give you a reason to think twice about that tube top or make you try sushi...the first time you got drunk was probably with friends.

It may be years since you last talked to your friend, but connect with them and its like no time has passed. Facebook is wonderful for that! And the Friends I am connecting with now are so cool and funny and deep and witty and kind and lovely...who knew???

So, no cheese, no sappy sentiment, no crap...my friends, you all rock! My old Friends who I ran home to catch Dark Shadows with to my new friends I am finding thru the Internet, you all know who you are and you all rock!

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