Friday, May 21, 2010

more hearts with wings

Hearts with wings are my new icon. I have a tattoo of a heart with a band-aid and would consider getting the wings added someday soon but for right now I will enjoy this new pin.

What does it mean to me? heart can fly...'mount up on wings of Eagles' as the scripture says, chicken heart??? Probably a bit of all. Everything doesn't have to have a meaning. Once, a long while back I was getting 'consoling' (and that is a very loose description of what was going on there) for pain management and my 'person who wrote crap down' wanted me to have my tattoo altered. 'You need to remove the band-aid and replace it with something more uplifting, more appropriate to being healed, like a rose'...I dumped the person and kept the tattoo.

Sometimes things are just things. No deep meaning, no hidden agenda...I am not mourning my lost time by using clockworks in most of my pieces. I don't long for a more simple time by using antique parts, and I certainly don't look for a connection to the past using vintage buttons...I just like the stuff...and hope you do too.

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