Monday, May 17, 2010

Captian Obvious to the rescue

Thanks to Popzarra for this hero!

It was a long weekend and apparently a full moon to boot. I spent the time trying to entertain myself while the Mr. worked and my FEZ went to the prom. What to do, what to do, what to do...go hang around large groups of ignorant people, always good for some laughs! I kept notes!

To the lady trying to pass off the Channel bag: A) I highly doubt you would pay the kind of money that purse would cost and schlep it around with your nasty-azz tore up GAP hoodie and too short of sweats...the diaper bag was a nice touch tho. B) you can't buy class, no matter what the guy at the flea market told you.

To the mom(?) who continued to pick up and give back the pacifier to the 5 month old in the BBQ joint...this place is essentially a bar, the floor is a septic tank and you are an idiot...

To the waitress at the BBQ joint...oh no, you did not just pick up that same pacifier and hand it to the baby...

To the goth wanna-be with the nose ring, black finger nail polish, skull tattoo and eyeliner...I appreciate your angst and your attempt at being cool, and we all need a job, but you may need to re-think working at the ice cream parlor.

To the chatty clerk at the 'MAJOR DEPARTMENT STORE' (no names please!) exactly how long am I suppose to stand here within your eyesight while you are talking with your friends about the wedding you were in this weekend...10, 15 there a chart somewhere???

To the ladies at the Goodwill...its the GOODWILL...don't try to talk the workers there into a discount because it has a stain...

But to the cashier at the Goodwill, you rock, you just stood there and let her ramble on and on and never even flinched...I would have pounded her head like a Chinese gong.

Maybe the its me, maybe I need to re-think my priorities or my or the other. Maybe I need to become one with my fellow man and get Zen with my surroundings. Maybe some Yoga, or bio-feedback, or Prozac...or maybe just maybe its not me at all and I am surrounded by idiots...Save me Capt. Obvious, save me!

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  1. For kicks...always hang around the general public ;)