Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I wonder about a lot of things...it keeps me up at night, really. Like:

Why do they sing 'You'll never walk alone' after the telethon...

Why do we turn the radio down when we are trying to find a street sign...

Why we mouth the word 'call me' and make that stupid thumb finger sign instead of calling them in the first place.

I wonder why we can sit in front of the TV for hours but complain when we wait for the Dr.

I wonder why they serve popcorn in movies

Where the tradition of tipping came from and how can we stop it. (tipping annoys the Queen)

I wonder why the same people who lock their doors and windows will gladly hand their credit card to some toothless old guy behind the counter at the gas station.

I think we are all given the gift of wonder...what do you wonder about???? Maybe we can answer each others questions and all get some sleep tonight

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