Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Queen G Designs

100 years ago, when I was an impressionable young pup I wanted to be many things, everything from a Vet to a radio announcer. I wanted to do something interesting and creative and somehow help people in some manner. How I became a person who haunts garage sales and flea markets astounds me. How did my 'career path' lead me from my what I wanted to do to what I had to do to what I need to do and back to what I want to do is confusing even to me.

I was working hard in retail and loved it, got married, moved away, became 'dental assistant to the stars' then back to school to finish what I started and somehow ended up in Mainland China...huh??? Back home to Michigan and 20% unemployment rate and suddenly I am working for myself. Enjoying it, meh...

I miss working with people, I miss the interaction with others. The little jokes that made the days so memorable. (Did I really try to rent out Tiffany's cubical?) The people who I came in contact with and I will never forget. Eating lunch with Trena who was constantly fighting for her diet coke and french fries, or trying not to laugh during particularly heated staff meetings. Listening intently as a co-worker complains bitterly that the elevator is in the wrong place or just trying to deal with people in general...I miss it all.

So now I sit and put my fingers to a different use. I create things that I think people like. I try to connect with the outside world via the Internet. I write this blog as much as I can, twitter and facebook constantly in an effort to stay connected. But mostly I wait...wait for comments, returned calls and emails. Wait for the recruiter to get back with me, for friends to let me know they are still out there, family to reconnect and my next batch of funny emails from Tiffany (love that!). Thanks for all your support out there in cyber-land...I look forward to connecting with you all in some manner...even if it is in virtual reality.

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