Friday, February 19, 2010

working hard or hardly working

Working on some new projects for my ETSY site and am struggling with my goals. I do not want to slap things together just because they are here and would work. I need to put product out there that I would wear ( but anyone who knows me knows my taste is a cross between Annie Hall and Rosanne Barr...for those of you born after 1980, google 'em). I love the concept of making one of a kind (OOAK, in the trade!) items and to be able in some small way to contribute to the whole 'green' movement (tho frankly...I'm just cheap). And I have found I am fond of the whole 'steampunk' look. Yes, if given half a chance I would be sporting jet black hair with an electric blue streak, a corset, a teeny-tiny top hat, 3 inches of mascara and granny boots. (for those born before 1980, google it).
My plan is to have 100 items in my shop this weekend. I can do this, I got stuff waiting to be photoed and listed, but is it my best?...and what is my best??? The things I this icon necklace don't get much interest...but then again, it is a competitive market out there.
I love making these things and it keeps me off the streets and in the goodwills, salvation army's, antique malls, estate sales, and once the weather breaks...(oooOOOoooo) garage sales start.
Some day I will blog about the art and science of finding a good garage sale. (note: if there are baby swings and tiny tikes in the driveway avoid, avoid, avoid!)
So, today I will put the finishing touches on a cool 'steampunk' style broach and finish working on a brass escutcheon jeans jacket pin (that will end up on my coat and not in my shop!) and not think about the amount of time I have spent dinking around trying to recreate myself...again.

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