Sunday, February 21, 2010

Having a wonderful time, wish I were here

I am not sure about anyone else out there but I never ever thought I would be this age. I just couldn't comprehend being over 50...much less 52. That sounded so ancient when I was 13. Now that I have reached this advanced age, I find myself wondering how I am suppose to I still lay on the floor and watch TV? (and can I get up if I did?) Do I shop at the same stores...(well, no because they are all closed)...Do I still drive around endlessly on Friday night thinking I am having fun??? Short answer, no.

Being AARP age seems kinda odd and liberating. When I turned 40 I was more bull*&%*, no more dealing with control top panti hose, pointy shoes and and tight jeans. (well I still do the tight jeans thing) Turing 50 seemed like a piece of cake...then I realized, I could assume I was half way through this life at 40, but at 50??? not so much. And yet, I feel better about life more every day...sure I am under employed...(whatever the *&^% that means) over critical and uber-sensitive about woman's issues. But life in general is pretty good considering the alternative.

But that still doesn't answer the 'act your age' question. Do I get any odd body part pierced? Do I go sky diving, (yeah, probably not) start wearing plaid and fishnets???

The answer for me is to do what I want, sure I got a pair of bright orange high tops but wont be seen wearing skinny jeans. I got a tattoo, but it covers a biopsy scar. I got all the 'non factory issued' holes in my body I need, have been known to dye my hair various shades of burgundy (and not always by choice!) and intend to be happy in the skin I am in. Sure I will be on a diet for the rest of my life, and it sucks to be me. (I mean, how can a one lb bag of candy turn into 3 lbs of weight???) And even while I am typing this I am listening to Beatlerama on the Internet...cuz those are my boys and y'all can just deal!

My goal...worlds number one coolest Aunt ever. I want to be the Aunti-Mame of the new millennium...the wacky one you invite to your sex toy parties even when I am 80. I want to live the life I have been given to the best of my abilities and not wonder what people may think. It worked for me in the 70's and still seems a pretty solid plan.

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