Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making something out of nothing

Having just opened my ETSY shop I am confronted by the task of getting the word out without being obnoxious, pushy, and down right needy. I probably should apologize to all my facebook friends for bombarding you with new posts of new product. I promise it will slow down as soon as I do. Promise...cross my heart...
My problem is I love to create. I love to find weird stuff and attach it to other weird stuff and make something kinda weird or kinda nice. The necklace in the picture is made from some buttons and a sweater clasp I found at the Goodwill. I like it, and if I didn't already have a butt load of stuff already I would probably keep it...and if I don't sell it, I guess I'm gonna keep it anyway.
My shop is not necessarily about selling, (tho waking up to find someone ordered something is a thrill) it's more about creating, looking past the obvious and seeing what could be. A life lesson ...urg, I don't want to get all televangelist on you, but perhaps there is a lesson to be learned.
Or maybe I just need an outlet for my creative energy. When I was a kid...maybe 3 or 4, my mom had a lamp shade that I swore I could see horses on. No one else could see them, so (being the helpful child I was) I decided to color them in...you know, so the rest of my family could enjoy them too...I thought I did a pretty good job, they were running all around the lampshade...purple, green and brown horses...For some reason my art was just not appreciated and I spent the rest of the day sitting in my room waiting for DAD to come home. Lesson: art can cause big trouble.
So, now I am an adult and can draw on my own lampshades if I want! I can glue weird things together and call it jewelry or just enjoy looking at things and wondering what it will become.

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