Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I have learned from Sophie

We adopted a bulldog puppy a few months ago. Her given name was Ann but as we already had Annie ( a beautiful shepard, guardian of the long as it is not too scary and dosen't involve a vacuume cleaner) so we needed to find the proper 'bulldog' name...She became "Sophie Mae" on the way home. Sophie is a typical bulldog in the fact that she is thick as a yard of lard, determined to be wherever you are, smarter than she looks (no snide comments please!) and just happy to be here. I didn't want a puppy and especially didn't want the fun and games of training, but she was the runt, no body wanted her and has a wonky leg...all the things that will cause me to make rash decisions that alter my life.
Training came easy and she learned quickly that I am Alpha dog and all good things come through me. Being the manipulator she is, she very quickly learned the 'puppy dog eye' trick, the 'tiny squeak of pity' trick and the 'I know, I' m a bad dog...just don't beat me' look. She should run for congress.
What I forgot was how much having a puppy can teach, for all my friends...the Official Things I have learned From Sophie list.
1) Sleeping is a joy and should be engaged in as much as possible
2) Sleeping is only trumped by eating, same rules apply
3) Always be happy when anyone walks in the room, if they love you they will be nice, if they don't it will confuse the be-jebus out of them.
4) wag whatever will wag...
5) if you screw up either be proud, hide the evidence or slink away and hope no one notices
6) wake up happy
7) you are beautiful if you think you are
8) try everything once
9) being nice gets you goodies
10) shoes are good, some better than others
11) don't get caught (especially in reference to #10)
12) being small doesn't mean you won't bite
13) learn something everyday, even if it is by accident
14) be nice to Alpha dogs, they can give treats
15) always wonder what is in the next room
Sophie may never win any beauty contests...(her lovely underbite has given her the nic-name Vampire Dog from my brother in law...) wont be in any dog agility contests in the near future or be seen peeking out of a designer handbag by the likes of Paris Hilton. No, Sophie will be content chewing on my most expensive shoe, eating whatever I put in front of her and sleeping in her box content with her raggedy toy dulldog. What a life!

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  1. Sophie sounds wonderful and she is adorable! And it sounds like the alpha dog is pretty smitten!!!!