Thursday, February 25, 2010

A shout out to all the wild women out there

To those of your who knew my mother know where my rather 'interesting' attitude about life comes from. My mom was an original new woman...and she didn't take anything from anyone (including me!) She worked her whole life, raised (to a greater or lesser degree) 5 kids, took in stray relatives, sewed, decorated cakes and made a mean pot roast. While I have no memories of her reading stories, giving kisses or cuddling, I DO remember the night someone tried to break in to our house...she handed him his ass in a hot new york second all while my Dad snored his head off. By the time the cops got to the house she had taken him to charm school and then some. All the cop said was 'Lady, next time just shoot him in the leg and drag him in the house".
My mom was all of 5 foot 3 inches of pure orneryness. One night we went to their 'club'..the Moose (I have no idea, don't ask) there was a dance going on and I was trying to be a good daughter. Doing the typical girl thing we went to the bathroom together. Two women were in the stalls just bad mouthing my mom...Mom turned to me and said 'LEAVE'...I did! Next thing I know, some big ole white haired, polyester wearing shamoo of a woman came crashing out of the door and into the display case opposite. My mom came out a minute later, pointed to the coats and walked out the door. I never asked what happened and she never said.
Wild women make the world go round! Sure we all need the June Cleavers to make the cookies and head up the PTA's, but we also need the hard-ass women. The women who raise kids alone, who feed a family on $30 a week and can change their own oil.
I know the acorn didn't fall far from the tree when I channeled my 'inner Helen' and confronted they guy who tried to steal my purse (MY PURSE!!!) at the local Meijers...he grabbed for my purse and I slammed my cart into him and stared him down defying him to make a move...he backed away and ran...dammit, I only had $6 but that wasn't the point.
So, to all the wild women out there, raise your glass to yourself, you deserve it!

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