Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow'bodys bizzness if I do...

Woke up to about 4 more inches of snow and decided I am not a cold weather person. Some people marvel at the wonder of nature, the beauty of an icicle, the intricacy of a single, not so much. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have just about enjoyed all the snow I can stand. The year I lived in snowed. (but that was a blessing because at least one person in the state knew how to drive in it!)
I have trick-or-treated in snow and hidden Easter eggs in snow...I have made my fair share of snowmen and snow angels (and not always because I fell down drinking) I hate the idea of snowball fights and can't skate on a bet. Sledding is cool, but involves a lot of work. The memories of the bread bags on my feet to help put the snow boots on don't help. And we wont talk about the cross country skiing incident.
Snow means frozen key locks, slippery steps and ice on the car windows. We finally bought a car with a remote start, but because my brain is frozen, I forget to use it. Snow means windchill factors and frozen boogers...snow is not my friend.
There are some things I like about colder weather...awesome coats with fur collars, boots (cool ones, not the mukluks I got when I was 13) hats and scarves in vibrant shades to cheer you up, hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, snuggling...not having to shave your legs or paint toenails. (aw, hell who am I kidding...I don't do that anyway). But those things are not worth the 5 full months of bone aching cold we deal with here in Michigan.
And why am I still here??? we couldn't sell in this market, hubbies job, family, friends...simple bullheaded determination to be strong in the face of the sock off of me...I have told David at least once a year for 30 years...10 minutes after your service, I am heading for Hawaii. I may show up with a mai-tai in one hand and my carry on in the other...Michigan, my Michigan, my ass!

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  1. Oh I echo every snow word you said...I only wish I could say it so humorously and delightfully,(instead of my usual whining!) I need sun, I need to go outside and hear birds and see flowers and green growing things! You too? This is fun-keep it up!!