Friday, February 26, 2010


I have to constantly remind myself that I am a lucky person who has a wonderful husband, great home, interesting friends and a comfortable life. I get to feeling sorry for myself pretty often for stupid reasons...real stupid reasons like not being a size 9, having to deal with snow or having to grocery shop...I hate grocery shopping (do you know what you want to eat next week??? neither do I!). So from time to time I make a mental note of the things I am thankful I will post a few.
1) Wheels on luggage. Whoever invented those really deserves a Nobel prize.
2) Gas station coffee...cheaper than Starbucks and as I am no expert, just as good
3) The Internet, where else can you shop, chat with friends 1000's of miles away and listen to obscure music all at the same time and in your jammies!
4) Exchange students...they make you appreciate your own country so much more, they bring good presents, you can make them do the dishes and if they cause problems you can send them home...
5) chocolate popcorn cakes...not sure thankful is the right word, maybe appreciative of what they are trying to be.
6) Old friends...they remember what you did in the 6th grade but don't mention it because you know what they did in the 6th grade too.
7) New friends...they haven't heard your tired old stories and think you are cool...
8) On Star...omg, these people have bailed my lost a*& out of more sticky situations they you can imagine...I can get lost in an elevator and without On Star, I would still be driving around in circles in Fort Wayne.
9) international, free, free, and free is always good!
10) 60's can listen all day and not hear the word bitch, booty, or ho...(ok, The Who did that that song 'Who are you" and let an F-bomb fly...but that was cool!)
11) Jimmy Buffett...the only thing that can make this pasty faced middle aged white woman think about coconut bras and boat drinks in the dead of winter.
12) Silent movies...I still get a thrill when I watch Harold Lloyd hanging off that building and remember they didn't have stuntmen, fancy camera tricks, or computer generated effects,..that dude was really hanging from that clock! (You tube...'Saftey Last'...check it out!)
13) This blog...a wonderful place for me to bitch and moan, get all the wierd thoughts out of my head and have people write me nice things about it (never happened in school...)
OK, there are 13 reasons that I should be filled with gratitude...but that size 9 thing really pisses me off!

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