Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not paying attention...

I was typing away on a new blog post, something random like going to the goodwill and finding this giant bag of beads and making this necklace and trying to squeeze something philosophical about making something out of nothing, giving the broken unregarded and ugly a new start, renewing the spirit, you know typical Queen G. crap...

About halfway through I look up and see the entire page is writing in Arabic.

I thought I was having a stroke.

I honestly thought there was something seriously wrong with me, and was desperately trying to think of the 'are you having a stroke' questions:

what day is it...urg..
who is the president...Oh hell no!
what state do you live in...denial???

The possibility that the drop down menu was enabled to Arabic never crossed my mind.
Yeah, I would rather think I was having a stroke than assume I am a computer dork.

That pretty much sums up my life...and most people think I am self centered, conceited, or just self absorbed. The plain unvarnished facts are that I just don't pay attention.

Show up with a cast and sling..I might think something is 'different', change your hair color, try a new haircut, get a Samoan face tattoo...nope, it wont register with me.

Till like 3 days later.

Then I never know if I should call and say, oh hey, that tattoo...yeah, I didn't notice it at first, but its nice...does it come in any other colors???

So I don't mention it.

So for all the times people have made major changes in their appearance, the face book status, addresses, religious affiliations, whatever...
feel free to point it out to me cuz I aint paying attenti...


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