Monday, July 25, 2011


This is a new listing in my new Zibbet shop and I love the background picture. It is from a fairy tale called The Russian Princess and was done in 1913. It was an illustration for a kids book by Charles Robinson and to my eyes is beautiful.

Looking at it helps in these hot days of summer, knowing winter is on the way...with its cold and ice. I am trying so hard not to complain about the heat.

I am trying real, real hard not to whine about:

the heat rash under my boobs
the fact that I don't have 'summer clothes'
remembering to turn the thermostat up when I want to turn it down
having to cook, do laundry or houseclean in this heat
having 'vegan leather' (vinyl) furniture
making sure my dogs are hydrated and cool
watering the plants out on the porch...ooops, tossing the plants away on the porch

yeah, its been a real interesting summer with heat in the hundreds for days on end.

then I remember my friends kids who are in Afghanistan.
and I shut myself up.

So, stay safe, all you military people, stay cool all my friends and remember winter is coming.

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