Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brain sucking for fun and profit

I love this new pin made from a very broken, very antique, very cool old pair of clip on sunglasses. I have to say right now I am conflicted about posting it as I saw the idea from another Etsy seller and totally feel like a big giant brain sucker. I even posted a picture and a link to the other sellers site to get opinions about the dreaded 'copying my stuff' nightmare currently drifting around Etsy's forums. Everyone agreed there was no problem and that we all get ideas from one another.


But hey, if anyone looks at my site and gets some great ideas to regenerate grandma's crappy old jewelry, I say go for it! And if you can make a profit, give me a call cuz that's it all falls apart for me.

And I guess it is true, we all get ideas from one another. There really isn't anything new out there. I remember making jewelry from eyeglass lenses back in the groovy 70's, just the glass with usually floral fabric decoupaged on...I run across one every now and then...apparently it was big in the senior centers, and they were signed with gold paint pens on the back. (and they got a bunch of old eyeglasses laying around for sure!)

So feel free to suck what little is left of my brain, use anything you find on my site to get creative, feel free to steal my designs because we all have a creative soul, it just needs a jump start every once in a while.

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