Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The key to success

I've lost mine so if anyone has an extra set they can loan me, just let me know.

It use to be so simple...get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, and do assorted stuff in between. Now, its get up, look for work, pretend to do stuff and try not to think too hard about things.

So, you go with what you got and open an Etsy shop. And that keeps you busy and avoids the entire 'unemployed' stigma. Then tax time comes around and you find out you just broke even if you don't include any 'wages'. But, you do this cuz you love it and the money doesn't matter...till the views dry up and sales plummet and you didn't make enough this month to pay your Etsy bill. Suddenly you look longingly at the people handing out the carts at Wal-mart and think to yourself...'what was that college thing all about?'

And then someone writes you an email telling you how much they love the item you sent them and how grateful they are for you sending them an extra goodie along with the order and you are their favorite shop and suddenly you get recharged.

So the next day you get up and charge right back into it again.

And you think to yourself:
Success...I guess it's in how you define it.

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