Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime in Michigan

Sorry for not writing, I have been sick for 2 weeks straight! Living in Michigan with psycho weather and in the middle of a home remodel project is not the time to come down with cooties. And determined little cooties they are!

But I have been productive, making countless of these girly necklaces that just don't seem to be my typical thing. And I am stocking up for my Mother's day tea at the Emerald Dragonfly. So I guess being sick kinda works.

What doesn't work is trying to function with this illness...laundry still needs to be done, we are completely out of food and are now eating Romain noodles left over from my Thai exchange student (thanks YOK! you may have just saved us) The dogs, while comforting and clingy, still insist to be fed and walked...I am sure my neighbors are confused as to why I am out in the yard, hacking up a lung in my housecoat at 4:00 in the afternoon.

I live on cough syrup and Tylenol, I try to keep hydrated and drink tea, but it just doesn't work for me...I need a gas station cappuccino and a cheese danish...I got warm caffeine free diet coke and a pop tart. *sigh*

The house is an absolute mess, with boxes of flooring material stacked in corners. All my worldly possessions are stuffed into bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and spring cleaning on crack! So of course, yesterday Sophie gets sick and spends 12 hours vomiting all over my new floors, old carpet in my office, bedroom and now I gotta clean carpets.

I'd ask for a do-over, but it might just be worse. My friend Eva has the same symptoms and PINK EYE!!! Bless you Eva, I would have been found in the back seat of a squad car by now.

And now David has IT...whatever IT we both sound like refugees from a tuberculous ward.

I think I will just go back to bed...

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