Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The queen needs a makeover

yup, its time...

Hair hanging straggly in face, lovely grey roots shining through the big-lots burgundy $2 hair dye...its time for an overhaul.


I go through this every once in a while...the dreaded conversation with the stylist that will amount to me spending inordinate amounts of time searching for pictures hoping against hope that THIS time there will be a meeting of minds and I will come out looking like a person who realizes its not 1983.

Last time...swear to god, I went in and said...'look, just give me a 1976 throwback shag and get it over with'...yup, just THIS close to a mullet.

And, I am thinking of getting an entire new color...maybe even highlights. Last time I got highlights the lady gave me about 7 different colors ranging from bright blond to red..It sounded good, but on the super short hair cut she gave me it looked more polka-dotted. And with my moon face, super short looks more medicinal than modern.

And every stylist wants me to go super straight...trust me on this...moon face-super straight is not a good combination. I know its popular but that don't make it right on my saggy baggy face.

I would love to go in and say...'just make me look like I have a clue'...don't give me the latest 'thing' as I am 52 years old and don't really give a good healthy bran muffin what is current or trendy.

I was out the other day and saw a woman about my age with a way too young, way too trendy hair do, complete with funky colored bangs...dressed in a jacked up pair of over-alls and sporting some high tops...I am sure she thought she looked uber cool and young, but she just looked sad and pathetic. And she was trying wayyyyyyyy to hard to pull this look off...she didn't really 'own' the style, it 'owned' her.

So, given what I got to work with and having no hope whatsoever I will make the apointment and try to be one with my stylest. *sigh*

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