Friday, April 8, 2011

etsy overload

This necklace was made a while ago but I held it back (along with a bunch of other things) till I decided what to do about Etsy.

For those of you that don't know, Etsy is a site designed for the arts and crafts community to sell their wares. Lately my relationship with this company has seemed to take a dark turn. The seem to go out of their way to make bone headed moves and say outrageous things, they don't seem to care about the customers or their problems and dwell in the world of dark hipster doom.

Like a bad relationship, I keep hoping things will get better...
they promised they would get better...
they told me they would stop being so abusive...
and that whole 'privacy thing' was a one time thing and it will never happen again...

Sure there are other sites, but I have invested a lot of time and money to set my shop up there.
(the equivalent of 'staying for the sake of the kids')

And I could set up my own web site but am not a tecchy and have no computer skills whatsoever...
(how can I make it alone?)

And they are constantly working at becoming the best marketplace on the net.
(the promise to never do 'that' again)

So, till I finally decide, I will post some things on Etsy, review my options and maybe pull myself out of this abusive situation. Is there any chance Etsy will get over themselves??? If they sell out to people who can put it back on the track, instead of trying to integrate into 'social shopping' (their words, not mine).

This is the perfect example of money corrupting ideals. And it makes me sad.

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