Saturday, September 4, 2010

acting my age...

Whatever the hell that means, apparently it means sitting by the fireside dreaming of days gone by...nope, not me, aint gonna happen.

When the opportunity came to haul my happy azz around the track at Michigan International Speedway came up I jumped at it. I was so excited! I wanted to get out and scream around the track in my itty-bitty car with the windows down and my tunes blasting...('gonna ball tonight' by BB King and Eric Clapton) and I did by God!

What surprised me was the reactions from family and friends...
'you are gonna do what??? why? Is David going? How come? what would possess you to want to do that..." OMG! why wouldn't you??? urg!

What does my age or gender matter on doing what is fun. Personally I have no desire to jump out of a perfectly good plane, but if I did, then I would! If I want another tattoo, then I'm going for it, I got all the piercings I need, but dang it, if I wanted more I would be sporting more bling than a cheap Detroit rapper.

Life is too short to deal with regret. I learned my lesson with this big time years ago. Hubs and I went on a cruse to Mexico...snorkeling was included in the package. So off we went and I was dragging my feet the entire time. I didn't want anyone to see me in a bathing suit, I was fat and gross and thought people would make fun of me. So sitting on the beach, feeling sorry for myself I suddenly was hit with the idea that A) I didn't know these people from Adam and B) I really don't care what these people think anyway. So I got the snorkeling equipment and jumped into the water. I was surrounded with the most amazing fish, the colors were so indescribably beautiful and the water was so warm, I was in heaven! If I hadn't 'got over myself' I never would have had that experience. I decided at that point to not let any chance get away from me again.

So, while I am sorry that my family and friends spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what I am trying to do...(just living in the moment, I assure you!) I got the rest of my life to live.

Don't let yourself get talked out of enjoying all Gods wonderful gifts...sing loud and strong as often as possible, try new and exotic food, dance even if you can't...cuz (as I've said before) nothing hurts worse than regret.

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