Friday, September 10, 2010

Eat here...or not


Took myself out for some errands and general dinking around and decided to stop at a fairly nice restaurant in the area. Actually very nice, napkins and everything! I wanted a cup of coffee and a salad...cup of coffee and a salad, keep this in mind.

I know I am in the 'crappy tipper' demographic of society...single middle aged woman who knows exactly how much work is involved in writing down an order and bringing it out. Yup, we are crappy tippers.

Now, as far as career choices for me, waitressing would fall somewhere between police officer and day care worker...anyone who knows me knows I would shoot every idiot that was talking on the cell phone while eating a burrito and trying to make a left handed turn...I would duct tape all the kids to the walls and feed them benydryl waitressing is right out. I know what a pain in the azz I am, and I wouldn't want to deal with the likes of me.

I have never been a waitress, dishwasher yes, and that was a 'shoot me now' situation. So please forgive me if I get lost in the nuances of writing down my order.

Back to the cup of coffee and a salad...

I am seated in a dark corner at one of those half tables only big enough for one person or 3 anorexic problem, but apparently I am forgotten, or just flippin' invisible. Finally I ask another waitress from another section for a coffee...10 minutes later I get it (no cream tho). I want to walk out at this point, I do not wait well but dang it I want my cup of coffee and a salad. Flagging down the waitress I ask for some cream and then finally MY waitress shows up to take my order...cobb salad with turkey, blue cheese crumbles on the side, honey mustard dressing. 20 minutes later I get Chef salad with chicken covered with blue cheese crumbles and a cracker. Whatever, I got my cup of coffee and a salad...the coffee has run out and a 2nd cup is a dream salad is uneatable for me (can not stand blu cheese, but David loves it so I bring it home to him) so I give up and start the process of looking around for any waitress to bring me a box. 20 minutes later they bring me a bill, when I ask for a box it is basically tossed at me and then and only then I am asked if I want another cup of coffee...the bill


Look, I know how difficult it is being in the service industry. You got to have the heart to deal with idiots like me..(how dare I ask for something on the side, doncha know we are BUSY!) and any job is a good job...but don't ask me to subsidizes your hourly wage with my tip and not treat me like a boss. I don't want you to sit down and explain the specials or introduce me to the chef, just write down the order and check back every once in a while.

So I left and didn't leave a tip...and here is the kicker...I am feeling GUILTY for 'stiffing' the waitress of her tip...

No other place on earth do we expect workers to work for sub-par wages and expect the clients to make up the difference. Where and when did this get started? You leave a tip in any other country and you may just get your ass handed to you. I have insulted more Asian waiters by saying thank you (no need to thank someone who is just doing the job they were hired to do) and had an Australian barman rip me a new one by leaving a tip. "ere, I don't work for you Lady!". Here we are so conditioned to leave a tip that even when service is lousy and overprices we still tuck that dollar under the plate.

So now I have a wilting overpriced salad covered in blue cheese waiting for David, (who leaves ridiculously large tips)and am waiting for my very bad coffee to finish brewing. Next time, McDonalds!

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