Thursday, September 9, 2010

livin' in the boonies

This is a picture of my front yard...note: no yard

Yup, I live in the boondocks, the sticks, the middle of BFE, out in the country. My road is a dirt road that is connected to another dirt road. Pizza delivery is a concept that has not quite made it to my world. I have no curtains, can walk around but-nekked, and play my music as loud as I want to...neighbors are not a problem.

Having said all of that, please don't assume because my car is covered with smutz and funk that I am a slob...don't write in the dust on my window (and for sure and for certain, don't let me catch you at it next time I am at Walmart, ya little azzhat!)

When I tell you where I live don't get confused and ask about my town, there isn't one...Jerome is not near anywhere. Closest town?? Summerset? Moscow? North Adams...does that help??? Closest town with a...oh, lets say store??? Jonesville??? And to be absolutely truthful, I live in a nonexistent town called Bundy Hill. Exactly in the center of no-freakin'where.

It was my choice to live out here in the middle of nuttin' why is it such a major stumbling block for all employers??? Everyone questions the address, desperately trying to get a fix on my location...give it up, it aint on a map. They all decide that 'I live too far away to be effective.' HUH???

OK, let me put this in writing for all eternity. Where I live is my problem, not yours. Hire me and I will be at work, no doubt early. I will never whine about the cost of gas, the drive in blinding snow or my hour and half commute. I will always have reliable transportation...go ahead and worry about the drunk in the next cubical, I'm fine.

I like living in the quiet, I really like being able to wander around in my jammies, look out my window and see deer, turkey, fox and occasionally the neighbors horse. I can deal with the dirt on my cars, the snowbird neighbors, the bugs, bats and other beasts that share their environment with me. Sidewalks are over rated.

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  1. OMG! we could be neighbors.......U just described where I live. LMAO!!! Sparky