Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sometimes you just gotta vent!

Whenever Sophie his annoyed, frustrated or just pissy, she always has a subtle little way to let me know. How I wish I were as self controlled.

Nope, when I get my nose out of joint, knickers in a twist, panties bunched or honked off I basically do one of 5 things:

1) eat, usually something unhealthy, greasy or downright life threatening
2) cuss...a blue streak, usually accompanied with a classic Daffy Duck style melt down
3) withdraw, grabbing my binky and a book and head for my bedroom
4) drive...often to get the greasy killer food
5) eat...I know, but I do it a lot!

I don't drink, (much) and I am not prone to violence (much) so grabbing a pillow and ripping the guts out of it would only amount to loosing a pillow and having to clean up the mess.

We have all been programed to deal with frustrations in various ways. My mom would clam up, wouldn't say a word, for weeks...this is not the best and most effective way to deal with an issue as it never gets confronted and everyone is doing the happy dance for some peace and quiet.

My husbands talks it out...and out and out...alright already!!!! You think Modern Family is funny, I don't, lets just agree to disagree.

My Grandfather was a master at the art of 'Poking the Bear' and would plan large elaborate schemes to cause some conflict...usually involving my mother...and as fun as it was watching the outcome...(5 weeks of silence followed by a sonic boom that could be heard in Hong Kong) even I realized that was some sick game.

Personally I think venting is good...even the giant kamahai-mahi melt down that accompanies me when I miss Project Runway or can't find my crimping beads. (yup, don't take much!) Not sure I would take it out on a poor old cushion, but that is Sophie's job.

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