Thursday, August 26, 2010

here comes the sun

do do do dooooo...

I love that song, so hope full and full of life. It always makes me happy to hear it, even in the dead of winter when my boogers are frozen and all I want to do is sit in a hot tub and thaw out. Ah, the joys of living in Michigan, land of endless winter and killer recession.

So driving to town today I saw the leaves starting to turn most people find this charming, I do not.

I am not a fan of snow, cold or even a light frost.
I do not get all misty eyed at the thought of sleds or cross country skis or ice skates.
I do not get excited at the idea of sitting in front of a fireplace drinking hot chocolate.
I hate the entire process of preparing for winter.

Yeah, the wood is chopped, but way the hell out by the lake...why??? cuz that's where the hubs stacked it...the concept of hauling it to the house and stacking it nice and neat will be discussed at length and in great detail sometime mid November.

Last year, when we realized our car was not designed for winter weather, we were going to replace it with a nice all wheel drive...yeah you come October when I am stuck in the driveway and cussing a blue streak you can bet the hubs (who is driving a truck) will be long away at work.

And living in the boon docks with a car that gets stuck in frost means you gotta plan ahead...otherwise its oatmeal for dinner again. And I am not good at planning ahead.

So, break out the cute sweaters and boots, cold weather is on its way...and think of me when you are enjoying the frost on the windows and making snow angels cuz I will be shivering under a blanket, cussing my lazy ass ancestors who were too dang weak willed to head out to California and dreaming about Hawaii.

Here comes the sun, do do doo doo...and it alright...........

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