Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dreamin' the dream

Not sure if I have posted about my hubs's grandma before, so forgive me if this is a re-run, it is the summer after all. Anyway, the picture is David's grandma, back in the day and she sure had some style! Dang, I wish I had that hat!

Cora was a dreamer...she was a frustrated poet and song writer and even had a song 'published'. Oh, sure it was a vanity press kind of thing and I am sure she had to pay for the privilege, and the song was actually 'recorded' on a squeaky 78...but she went for it. So if you ever hear 'Moonlight on Lake Erie' you will know it was Cora Basten Benner who wrote it! Her poetry was kinda sickly sweet but she tried, damnit!

And my friend Susie, AKA Lynn Marie...who wrote a book! hell, I can't commit to a shopping list and she writes a book! I was so proud of her! She loves to write and became an author a few years ago. So look for her book on if you love a love story! Can't wait for her next one!

And me...well I guess I am livin' the dream too...trying to make jewelry and maybe use my 'artistic' skill once and a while.

We all have dreams. Maybe we all wont have a song recorded or write a book, but we can express ourselves. Cooking is an amazing way to express yourself, and if you have old family recipes...write them down for all your kids, (I am so dang tired of trying year after year to get my mom's lebchucken recipe from my sisters) believe me, they will appreciate it.

And who knows where our dreams may take up...mine lead me all the way to China. but that is another story for another time! Dream on friends!

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