Thursday, August 19, 2010

A dogs life

This is Anni...short for Anastasia (forgive me Don, if I misspelled that) guardian of the hearth and home as long as its not too scary, a kid, a bird or the neighbor with whom she is in love.

Her life consists of avoiding eating the dog food I put out for her, rushing to the door, trying to squeeze under my desk during storms and keeping Sophie company. That's about it. I don't expect her to bark at the door bell, guard the house or patrol the grounds. I do expect her to come when called, stay out of the cat box, leave the cat alone, don't eat the cat food and generally just avoid the cat. Most of which she does. We have a perfect relationship.

She is respectful of company (after the novelty wears off) stays off the furniture and tries real hard not so lick those questionable places. I try to keep her safe, reasonably groomed and up to date on shots. Our relationship works.

She doesn't expect me to read her mind, know what she is feeling or understand her moods...She doesn't need the latest new dog fad, cell phone or drivers license. I can leave her in the car while I go get my coffee and no one will call the cops. She has never slammed a door, called me stupid, stomped around being sullen or tried to dye her hair green with jello.

All in all the perfect companion for me.
She keeps me well aware when a storm is coming, eats all the leftovers and thinks I'm interesting. She has never been aggressive, snappy or even the least bit grouchy. She keeps her political views to herself and lets me watch whatever I want on tv...

Now, if she would just learn to dust...

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