Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which way to Paris???

Moral dilemma time:

I have a lot of frequent flyer miles (from my previous life) ready to expire..a lot, like a LOT. Which means I pretty much have the world at my finger tips...what to do, what to do...
Do I go back to London and yuk it up with my Limey (sorry) friends? Maybe a side trip to Paris???
Or do I do the right thing and plan a nice vacation for me and the hubs...
*sigh* Ideally, I would love to spend time with my husband, the man who has put up with my crap for 30 years but we just do not vacate well. Any and all vacations start out like this:

what do you wanna do?
donno...what do you wanna do???
donno...they have a nice Zoo here...
you wanna go to the zoo?
meh, do you?
if you want to, we can go...
do you want to go to the zoo???
not so much, you?
naw, so what do you want to do???
repeat until I am pulling my hair out and stomping around the hotel room like my feet are on fire.

And don't say we need a destination vacation or an itinerary cuz it always ends up the same...

Last year, Las Vegas:
what do you wanna do???
etc...wanna go to the Grand Canon???
do you, cuz we can go it you want to...

Its no secret, we talk about it all the time. His ideal vacation is to crew some tall ship in some god forsaken storm somewhere...mine, sitting at some sidewalk cafe sipping Kir Royal and watching the world go by. He wants to go to every museum and read every teeny-tiny placard in the joint, I want to look at interesting things in a timely manner and get on with life. He wants to sleep till noon, I want to be enjoying breakfast and lingering over coffee.

The best vacation I ever had was when I took my friend Susie and fled to London...heaven with no agenda!

Hawaii turned into a 'lets spend the days making Ginya nuts' time with every morning filled to the brim with indecision. I planned to spend the time doing abso-freakin-lutely nothing but sitting on a beach and thawing out. If he wanted to go para sailing (tho I highly doubt it) then have at it Buddy, just wave down the cabana boy to bring me another Mimosa before you go...instead it was the standard, sleep till noon, wander around in a fog till 2 then plan the day. We went to Pearl Harbor, and I was interested for about 10 minutes...then a few more rounds of
what do you want to do...

So, as soon as we can arrange the time off, we will be planning yet another vacation for parts unknown. And I will get all the tourist books and plan out the agenda and then we will spend the days trying to make each other happy...which never ever works.


  1. I'd say come to Florida...but its too friggin hot in August
    Lets do London again!