Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I wish I could remember who designed this because I would love to give them credit but I don't...sorry whoever!

Anyway, I watched a movie yesterday on IFC called 'Chapter 27' about the 3 days leading up to the killing of John Lennon. Intense, disturbing and sad. But what was interesting to me was the people reaction, as I recall, no one burned any buildings, overturned any cars or protested in any way. People just gathered and were sad.

I think we have lost something in the last 20 years. Our understanding? Our patience? Our compassion? Our dignity? Now when there is any major news we wait to see which rap singer, political junkie or has-been actor is going to scream conspiracy theory.

We all were glued to the media to see if Lindsey gets what she deserves...(she didn't) the so called 'reality' shows seem to wallow in the absolute bottom of society and yet we watch...we accept the dumbing down of our culture as entertainment. And we love every minute of it.

Yesterday, a man shot 8 people at his employment and it didn't even make the news!

I don't know if people are just tired of all the doom and gloom, or we just don't care. Our country is falling apart, our economy is a joke and our political system seems more like a popularity contest in the middle of a land mine. The talking heads are screaming while the populace is sleeping.

And yet what can be done? I don't know.

So for today I am going to Imagine...just like John said.

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