Friday, August 13, 2010

what you can do when there is nothing to do...

This is my next obsession...making 'flowers' from goodwill cast off fabric. Its fun, its easy and it keeps me off the streets. It gives me a chance to reuse fabric that would end up in land fills and (hopefully) is kinda cute. The center being a weird ring from yet another garage sale, it is the essence of what Queen G is all about.

I find that being here at the lodge in the middle of the great black swamp that is Michigan and not especially gregarious to my snow-bird neighbors, I have to find ways to amuse me...and making stuff is one of my passions.

Youtube, facebook, Etsy, and other web sites also are great time killers. Last week my computer was broken and I dang near lost my mind and cleaned the closets.

I think I know now why our grandparents were always knitting, sewing, making quilts and baking...its because its fun, there was no Internet and after quilting you end up with a quilt. (where as after playing bubble breakers all day you end up with carpal tunnel, tendinitis and a sever case of 'squint eye')

Yeah, things were hard back then...just the idea of laundry was an all day event, with the next few days set aside for ironing...*shudder* But I think it was more centered back then. Everyone put their heart and soul into everything they did. Now you want a quilt, go buy one (yawn) get the exact color and style and make sure it has matching dust ruffles...back then, you spent the evenings cutting up feed sacks, old clothes and whatever else, then got the ladies together for a quilt making party and yukked it up...

I would love to get the 'ladies' together for a party where everybody made something and could reuse old 'things' to enjoy again...and maybe, before the snow flies I may send out the invite and have a good old fashion 'make it take it' party...any one interested???

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