Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waitin' for the phone to ring

Tyler, waiting for the phone to ring...

That must be a thing of the past...with texting, and cell phones and other assorted electronic more sitting around waiting for that call. No more staring at the phone willing it to ring. No more sitting right next to the thing defying anyone to even think about touching it cuz you are 'waiting for a call!!!'. No more picking it up a million times checking to see if it still is working... Hmm..kinda sad the things we don't have anymore.

TV shows that advertise that they are in color.
Getting the family together and showing home movies on a sheet taped to the wall.(Getting the family together at all!)
Ronald Regan saying that poem with the lines 'and touch the face of God' just before the TV turned off for the night.
Local TV channels with monster movies on all night (and if you were very lucky you got to watch the Ghoul and his 'altered' movies)
Town Club pineapple soda
Being able to ride your bike without a helmet...sorry that still looks goofy to me.
Making popcorn on the stove

oh I could go on and on...but I find this all to depressing. Not because I am getting old, but because we seem to have lost some of the style and flavor of life. Now we all chat and text and visit electronically so there is no real need to pack up the kids and visit the cousins. We share everything on facebook and twitter each and every bowel movement that Junior has...

Are we more connected...yeah...
Are we better for it...donno...myself, I am still waiting for that phone to ring, dammit!

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