Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Queen haz spoken!

Making a list and checking it twice and not in a good way!

Getting old really sucks, it sucks on levels I never thought of and in ways that indicate to me I haven't really evolved. My hair is grey, my lips disappear, my boobs hang like Spanish moss and yet I wake up with a zit...what is that about???

Gas Pricing is akin to playing the lottery and your only hope is to buy low, drive less and build a distillery in the back yard for the DIY ethanol.

I will never ever understand computers...how can I make sense of anything that you turn off with the start button.

As I get older my language gets worse...what the &^&% bl(*&&, fr*&^&%&^6 hell is going on??? yup, the queen is turning into Maxine.

And I know I am getting too old cuz when people say ohhh...aint 'he' hot' the first thing I think is: he needs some hair, why is he wearing eye liner, and I wonder if his old man is available?.

Popular culture is watching the first installment of Twilight on ABC family so I can at least sound like I give a crap. 'sparkle this, you hipster vampire'.

Esty, oh my dear lord, give me a minute to catch up with the latest cluster...heaping them on me all at once is making my head explode! FYI, for those of you who don't know...don't ask.

I am too old to train a puppy...

I am too old to wear ironic t-shirts.

I am too old to think techno music has any value.

I am too old to shop at forever 21 (old, fat and have taste).

I am too old to pull off the flat, straight hair.

I am too old to stay up late watching Craig Ferguson.

sigh, all this is making me tired, I gotta lay down before my judge shows start.

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  1. LOL. I can relate to all of this. Except the Craig Ferguson thing.