Friday, March 25, 2011


I saw this image and thought it kind of reminded me little sister (hey Cindy!) is blond and I am dark haired (this week)...tho to be accurate, my pudgy little hands would be around her throat shaking the be-jebus out of her while she would be screaming bloody murder.
My sisters (well all my siblings) are the oddest collection of people under one roof. None of us are remotely similar...we have very little in common and find each other to be...well, quite frankly: weird.
That's works.

Sisters should have each others 'back'...yup, um..lets talk, I aint holding back your hair while you puke, bailing you out or co-signing anything. I might need my kidneys and your poor choices are not my problems...harsh, maybe. real, for sure. Need me to come over to help you do something positive...I'm there!

And I don't expect you to approve of my choices either, we are different people with different goals and dreams. Just cuz we came from the same place don't mean we are the same people.

When we were all little I use to watch my older sister get made up for a bee hive and a gallon of 'Aqunet', white lipstick and miniskirt...damn I was so jealous.

And my little sister with her 'Farah-do' hauling her curling iron to school to re-feather it between classes. No hairspray was the 70's!

Then me with my pissy attitude, jeans and t-shirt and my Billy Jean King hairdo...yeah, the rumors were hot and heavy, sorry y'all lost so much cash when I actually got married.

So to my sisters I raise my cold decaf coffee and say...'when are we having the next garage sale?' Yup...that pretty much sums it up.

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