Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what next...

I seem to having more and more of these face palm moments and I'm not sure if its my age creeping up or the fact that I so rarely deal with carbon based life forms anymore. I try so hard...I do.

Like~ who knew putting a you tube link would cause people to 'un-friend' me...its a song, with the title clearly stated...sorry your Victorian sensibilities have been rattled. Should I go back and change it to FLOCK YOU...

Or the XM people who call me every day...every ding-dong day...sorry about taking you to charm school like that, hope your hearing comes back.

Or the guy who calls me at least once a month to sell insurance...I've told you far too many times~ me selling anything would only result in me being charged with felonious assault and your company firing me for beating the bejubus out of people. Trust me, I aint a people person.

So as I try to 'carry on' in this life I know I will be having many more of these moments, some in real life, some in cyber world...and no doubt will tell everyone about them so I can be assured its not just me.

Is it????

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