Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding a doctor...

I may have found the perfect Dr... no not Hugh Laurie...tho I have been a fan since his Blackadder days...nope, my new guy is just wacky enough to actually work out.

The Queen has issues, many issues. Apparently any symptoms associated with any condition will be back-asswards on the the process of finding out exactly what the heck is wrong may take a while...a long while, bring a lunch.

Most Dr.s don't even look at me, spending most of the time thinking the assistant must hav gotten the blood pressure wrong, cuz this woman is huge, her BP should be thru the roof...


and her cholesterol should look like a zip code

it's low.

and she really needs to consider a reduction on those giant boobs...

if you start cuttin' then cut em off...I've seen videos of those reductions and its horrific!

One Dr. actually said...'look I don't have all day, what do you want from me???' really??? is this the kind of bedside manner they teach you in Bombay?

Anywho...I had to have a yearly physical and found this guy...(my last guy moved to Toledo, they guy before him Kansas City, the woman, to Brighton...personally I think they are just telling me they are gone...'oh hell not her...tell her we moved!')

So I have this weight issue..I don't necessarily need anyone with initials behind their name to tell me that. This place makes you weigh in and the scale is on one wall, but the read out is around the corner...I damn near cried!

They have a lab right there...right in the same building including a mammogram machine...holy magnolia! I don't have to go hither and yon to make appointments!!!

Then the Dr. came in...all of about 25, and he is sporting a diamond in his ear..ok,I like him already.

He sits down and says, 'before we talk about you, lets talk about me'...and we spend the next 10 minutes talking about where he went to school, his dad, his friends, his ideas about life in general and his basic philosophy on medicine...whis is this:

I ain't your babysitter...if I prescribe a medicine for you and you don't take it and are in here every 6 weeks making me beat my head against a wall trying to figure out why the meds ain't working we are going to have problems.

I love it!

I love the straight forward 'don't waste my time and I wont waste yours' attitude.
I love the 'everybody lies' approach that he effectively cuts through and I especially love the 'you are the captain on this ship..lemme know what you want and need and I'll see if we can make it work'.

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